The unsolicited advice is prolific and is often stock-full of contradicting information. It makes it so confusing to know what to believe and what to try. Our articles seek to give you balanced, non-emotional information based in evidence-based research. We hope to clear up confusing mixed messages you might get and give you guidance that suits your family.

We’ve also hit the streets and have met with the practitioners, teachers, massage therapists, photographers and lactation consultants that we’ve listed here. We’ve tried their services and have narrowed down a short list of resources that we feel reflect our shared value of non-judgmental care for their clients.

We have confidence in these services and hope you’ll love them as much as we do. Enjoy!

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Afraid of Giving Birth
It’s normal to be a little afraid of giving birth, but there are ways of working through your biggest fears.counseling, crisis intervention and assisting in home daycares to offer insightful and practical preparation for both the emotional and physiological experience of birthing and parenting. Today’s Parent ~ Feb 4 2013

Preferred Partners

The Nesting Place’s doula clients recieve a complementary relaxing session of acupuncture.

Mommies with Cameras offers interactive, fun and educational classes, courses and seminars for moms. The company is the brainchild of professional portrait photographer Negin Sairafi and has been a growing photography community for almost 3 years. In 2010, Mommies with Cameras was featured on Sweetmama.ca and since then has received much praise from numerous blogs and magazines

If you’ve been enjoying the photos on our site then you’re already a fan of our favourite maternity and baby photographer, Negin Sairafi. Her portraits capture the natural beauty and love that radiates from families welcoming a new baby. As a photographer, Negin creates a comfortable and casual feel in her studio so that your unique character and connection with each other shines through in your photos. And through her tricky lighting and angle work, even the most sleep – deprived of parents look refreshed and stunning in their shots! www.nsairafiphotography.com

We’re happy to share a complimentary photo shoot with Negin with all of our birth doula clients!