Get Help Running Important Errands

We’ve been supporting families for the past 15 years and we know one thing: global pandemics don’t change the need for help, education and support when you have a new baby. More importantly, there has never been a more important time to keep those persky germs/viruses OUT of your home!

We’re happy to run all your errands so you can stay home safe with baby and keep COVID-19 OUT of your sacred space.

Cost: $25/hr plus the cost of items purchased, minimum 2-hour fee.

You’ll start with a call with a professional doula who can chat with you about your needs, make suggestions and recommendations and who will get the right things to make your transition to parenthood easier. Who wouldn’t want a baby expert to go out and buy your baby things during a pandemic?

Possible errands include:

We will drop your items at your front door so you’ll never need to come in contact with a human!

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