Postpartum Doula Care

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Postpartum Doula

In the weeks that you bring your baby home, you are in recovery. You may be recovering from a labour and/or adjusting to a new demanding schedule and learning about who are you as a parent. It’s a big adjustment. Postpartum doula to the rescue!

Your postpartum doula takes care of you so that you can take care of your baby and your family. She is experienced in baby care, feeding, sleep issues and postpartum adjustment. She comes as often or as little as you need so that you have the support you need as you find balance with your new life as a parent.

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What does a postpartum doula do?

Our postpartum doula care is offered at different rates according to the number of hours you initially book. A postpartum doula can come one time or every day, and offer services that may include but are not limited to:

  • Hands-on education on infant and parent care (feeding, bathing, diapering, calming techniques)
  • Create a nurturing, restful atmosphere in which parents may eat, shower and nap
  • Introduce parenting tips, help parents to learn skills that will enable them to cope with their new responsibilities
  • Screen for hurdles such as feeding challenges or postpartum mood disorders
  • Shop for groceries and prepare meals
  • Help with light housework such as laundry, washing dishes, sweeping floor, etc
  • Refer to other care providers should your needs exceed our scope of practice
  • Emotional support and processing of feelings about the birth or what it feels like to have the baby at home
  • Other duties to be discussed with client at time of contract signing

Included in every package is a Doula Do list for you to check off what you’d like them to do that day and a menu of meals they can cook for you if you like.

COVID-19 and working with doulas

COVID-19 is changing how we all work and live. It’s no different for us, but you’re still having a baby and still need this valuable support. For that reason we will continue to offer our in-home care. As professionals, here is what we will commit to:

  • Practice social distancing outside of client support
  • Wash hands thoroughly at home before we come to you, and again on arrival at your home, and frequently throughout each day
  • Avoid touching our eyes, nose, mouth
  • Use your cleaning products to wipe down surfaces in your home when we arrive, and again before we leave
  • Change clothes upon entry to your home when using public transit, and between clients
  • Check ourselves daily for fever, and before we come to you
  • Cancel immediately (and send a backup doula) if we or anyone in our home, or anyone whom we’ve been in contact with, shows symptoms
  • Provide physical distancing even within your home, if you prefer – we can offer guidance and ideas, give breastfeeding support, prepare food, fold laundry, and do household organization from a distance while you rest and snuggle with your baby; we can have as little or as much contact with the baby as you prefer
  • Provide virtual support, if you’d prefer (guidance and ideas, processing, emotional support, breastfeeding information can all be given virtually)

    We will also rely on you to let US know if anyone in your family has had any exposure to anyone with the virus, has traveled within the pat 14 days, or has any signs of illness.

    Ready to Meet With Us?

    Meet a birth doula for a complimentary interview to see if she’s a good match for you. Meet the team before you decide. You’ll be inviting her to be with you at your most vulnerable, so it’s important that you feel comfortable in her care. We cover the Greater Toronto Area, including Aurora, Newmarket, the Kawarthas, Peterborough, Barrie, and Oshawa.

    Questions to ask your Doula at your interview


    Each shift is a minimum of 4 hours in length and you can create a schedule for how many times per week your doula visits you according to your need.

    4-20hrs $39/hr (+hst)
    21-40hrs $37/hr (+hst)
    41 or more hrs $35/hr (+hst)

    Overnight support is $300/night for 8 hours.

    A non-refundable deposit for up to two weeks of care is required
    to confirm your doula care. You will be billed at the end of each week until you give notice of not needing us any longer, and to use your deposit. Short-term bookings are paid in full prior to service.

    If you’d like to extend your contract with your doula, please give us notice as soon as possible so that we can reserve your time with your preferred doula.

    See Terms of Servicefor full details.

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