Newborn Night Support


Sweet Dreams

We provide overnight support all across the Greater Toronto Area, Durham, Kawarthas and Northumberland.

Overnight support is our most popular service because we ALL need our sleep! When a new parent is trying to recover from birth, it can be helpful to have someone come and take care of the baby so they can sleep.

Sleep is a major factor in both physical and mental well-being.

Who are our Overnight Doulas?

Our overnight newborn service is provided by mature and experienced postpartum doulas. This is the highest level of training and experience you can find for someone to take care of your new baby. We specialize in newborn care, behaviour, sleep, as well as the added bonus of specializing in breastfeeding/feeding support, and adaptation to parenthood.

How does it work?

We begin each night by discussing how the day went, helping a family by answering any baby care questions, feeding questions, and just touching base with how you’re feeling. We will then take care of your baby(ies) for the entire evening so you can get some sleep. Our shift typically runs from 10pm to 6am.

Do you work with twins?

Of course! All the time. Many of our doulas are twin experts!

Is there a minimum number of nights?

No! Of course not. Whether you need help for one night because you’re not feeling well or 3 months, we can help you.

How much does the service cost?

Our fee is $300/night. Save $10 per night if you prebook 30 or more nights. Overnight is considered childcare and you will be given a childcare receipt. There is also no HST on overnight support – bonus!

How can I book you?

Just call us to get things started 1-877-BIRTH36 (247-8436). If you’re booking for several shifts, we can send you a couple of doulas to meet so you can pick the one that’s the best fit for your family. If it’s just for one or two nights, we’ll send you our best doula with availability!

Because this is our MOST popular service we encourage you to book in advance as much as possible so your dates are reserved.


“I used another company with my last son. I was never sure if the doula was going to show-up or not! It was so frustrating trying to find back-up at a moment’s notice. Working with Discover Birth was a completely different experience! I had a team of 4 doulas that got to know me and my baby and who worked with us for 4 months, 7 days a week. They kept each other up-to-date every day about how the baby was doing so everyone was always on the same page! It was night and day compared to my previous experience working with independent doulas. I felt so comfortable and confident with their level of experience, which is a MUST for a new mom to trust her baby to someone.”



Help 911
$144+hst (Durham/Kawarthas) – $156+hst (Toronto)
Our Help 911 visit is a hands-on, in-person one-time visit when you need help in the first few days after coming home from the hospital. (4 hours)

Sweet Dreams Sleep Support
$300.00 (no HST on overnight support)
The Sweet Dreams Sleep Support package is tailored to provide you a good night’s sleep! (8 hours/night)

First Memories
$782+hst (Durham) – $851+hst (Toronto)
This First Memories package is tailored to provide hands-on teaching and coaching to facilitate bonding and to help you learn the skills you need (23 hours total – recommended as three 5-hour shifts week 1 and two 4-hour shifts week 2)

Baby Survival 101
$2,080+hst (Durham) – $2,275+hst (Toronto)
Our Baby Survival 101 package is tailored to provide help for the entire first month with your baby (65 hours).
– First Week = 5 shifts of 5 hours
– Second Week = 4 shifts of 5 hours
– Third Week = 3 shifts of 4 hours
– Fourth Week = 2 shifts of 4 hours

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