Birth Doula Care

Even after taking prenatal classes, reading the birthing books and doing the hospital tour you may not feel fully prepared for birth. How can you be when you’ve never experienced it before? This is one of the many reasons to use a Birth Doula! We cover the Greater Toronto Area, including Aurora, Newmarket, the Kawarthas, Peterborough, Barrie and Oshawa.

Your Birth Doula is Like Your External Hard Drive, With Hands

Your doula can share and then remind you of all of the coping practices you’ve learned, can suggest ideas to your labour support partners that are most appropriate each stage of labour and remembers all of those little details about when to call your midwife/try the hip squeeze/ask for more time that you really, really wanted to remember.

Your birth doula allows you to fully bring your mind to your birthing experience, but more imporantly to connect with your inner knowing. You are calmer, more resourceful and feel confident in the way your birth is unfolding because you have someone you trust with you from the very beginning of your labour, to the very end.

Doula Care Packages

Our services were designed to accommodate varying needs for support. Choose the combination of services that best suits your family by adding-on classes or postpartum care to customize a package to suit your needs.

You SAVE 10% on any class or postpartum package when you book a birth doula!

Birth Doula Package
$1300 +HST

Start here and add-on prenatal classes if you need them and any additional postpartum support you may want. This package includes:

  • Two prenatal visits (approx 2 hrs)
  • A collection of our favourite birth and postpartum resources (articles, worksheets, summarized research)
  • 24-hour on-call care for your entire pregnancy
  • Full attendance of your delivery
  • Two hours of postpartum care

Add a Prenatal Class and SAVE

  • Want to be prepared for what to expect?
  • Come and learn in a fun environment (we promise you’ll learn stuff!)
  • Add-on a childbirth prenatal class and save 10% with the purchase of a Birth Doula Package
  • Check our dates here

Add Postpartum Doula support and SAVE

Baby Bundle!

$157.50+HST per couple

Add Baby Care and Infant CPR to any doula package to make sure you’re well prepared to bring your baby home!

Add Baby Bundle

Our Gift To You

We like to celebrate your baby with you, so we’ve included this gift in your birth doula package. Enjoy!

One free postpartum mood support planning session with Olivia Scobie.

Payment Options:

Fees for the packages can be paid either in full (we accept all major credit cards), 50% deposit at booking and 50% at 37 weeks, or monthly payments to 37 weeks. Choose the method of payment that fits your family best.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Please see our Terms of Service for our cancellation and refund policy

Ready to Meet With Us?

Meet a birth doula for a complimentary interview to see if they’re a good match for you. Meet the team before you decide. You’ll be inviting them to be with you at your most vulnerable, so it’s important that you feel comfortable in their care.

Questions to ask your Doula at your interview

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