COVID-19 and Doulas

COVID-19 is changing how we all work and live. However, you’re still having a baby and still need this valuable support. We are committed to providing support to expectant and new families. For existing clients you can expect your educator or doula to work with you virtually or in person, based on your preference and family-specific needs. We are taking firm and important steps in protecting families. They can be found below.

We would like to include several links to help families as they navigate some important decisions about protecting themselves and doing what is best for their long-term physical and mental health when it comes to COVID-19 and Doulas.

This page has a LOT of great evidence-based information about COVID-19 and Doulas as it relates to pregnancy, birthing, and breastfeeding during the pandemic.


How We’re Still Helping Families


Virtual LIVE classes

All of our in-person classes are now available online during COVID-19 restrictions! Please book our virtual classes (which are awesome! Promise). We will go back to in-person as soon as it’s safe to do so, likely not before 2023. Our dynamic and engaging online platform will ensure you get the most out of your virtual prenatal class. Learn what you need to know and ask questions. Check our dates here.

Postpartum Doula Support

We will continue to provide in-home support as essential workers to provide critical support for families who have needs that require the in-person support. We will follow current infection control guidelines based on our training and will follow the precautions listed on this page.

COVID-19 and Doulas Virtual support

Whenever possible we will provide virtual support. Here are some of the things we can do virtually (and have been doing virtually with success)

  • Private childbirth classes
  • Postpartum support: education and support for infant feeding, infant soothing, infant sleep, postpartum recovery, common baby and birthing parent questions
  • Birth doula support: YES, we can still ‘be there’ with you in labour. We are working with families to provide additional support to partners to take over the hands-on component of labour. We have many experiences now of being present on Zoom or other virtual platforms and have been able to be ‘in the room’ virtually, provide emotional support, suggestions for comfort measures, and help with advocacy. Of course we’re still available to support you IN-PERSON if that’s your preference and are allowed in most hospitals as an additional support person.

Our Promise…

We will continue to offer our in-home care as needed. As professionals, here is what we will commit to the:

  • Wash hands thoroughly at home before we come to you, and again on arrival at your home, and frequently throughout each day
  • Avoid touching our eyes, nose, mouth
  • Use your cleaning products to wipe down surfaces in your home when we arrive, and again before we leave
  • Change clothes upon entry to your home when arriving by public transit, and between clients
  • Check ourselves daily for any symptoms
  • Call you immediately if we or anyone in our home, or anyone whom we’ve been in contact with, shows symptoms – to discuss how you’d like us to handle the situation
  • Virtual support anytime you prefer (guidance and ideas, processing, emotional support, breastfeeding information can all be given virtually)

We will also rely on you to let US know if anyone in your family has had any exposure to anyone with the virus, has traveled within the past
14 days, or has any signs of illness.

Terms of Service

These are some tough times for everyone. Well maybe not everyone, but they sure are for us here at The Nesting Place. Like many, our industry has been hard hit by the pandemic. While we would love to refund people on case by case basis, depending on the situation, that’s just not possible for most small businesses. Like all responsible businesses, we are committed to delivering you a great service that will help you prepare for your birth or care for your new baby.

We are adhering to our terms of services, which are agreed to when you book a service. Here’s what we WILL DO in ADDITION to providing you a great service:

  • We will extend the expiry date on all postpartum bookings if you choose not to use our virtual or in-person support
  • Offer you an in-person private childbirth class in your home if you prefer not to attend the virtual ones
  • Provide you with 8 hours of postpartum support in lieu of your birth doula support if you prefer not to have your doula at your
    birth virtually (few hospitals are allowing only one person currently)
  • We will extend a credit that can be used for any other services offered by the original team member you booked
  • Keep fighting for families to have access to the support people they need where and when they need it

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