Prenatal Classes

pregnant person with partner

Lamaze Childbirth Education

Prenatal classes come in all sizes and shapes and do not always focus on the same material. While hospital prenatal classes tend to focus on nuts and bolts about birth, Lamaze classes focus on giving you hands on coping practice to build your confidence for the physical and emotional challenges of labour in addition to the birthing basics.

Our prenatal classes give special attention to your support people’s needs for birth preparation in every activity. What will partners or birth support people need to feel confident? How will they cope with moments of fear and how do they know when and how to advocate for the birthing person during labour? Birth partners very much appreciate our classes because of the attention we allot to their unique questions and experience of birth.

Our prenatal classes prepare parents for all birth possibilities, because to be fully prepared for birth, it helps to become familiar with multiple possible birth outcomes. In our class, we prepare parents for both vaginal and cesarean birth, medicated and unmedicated birth, spontaneous labour and labour through induction.

There is no “better” way to give birth. What you feel most supported by will have the biggest positive impact on your birth experience. What unfolds isn’t always in our control so considering the unexpected allows you to feel resourceful, ready and present no matter which way your baby is born.

So what’s the difference between our classes and others out there?

The focus of our Lamaze classes is on having FUN. We do a lot of activities to help you learn the info as you enjoy yourselves. We tend to laugh a lot and bring light to a new form of education that you can actually look forward to. And we promise, Lamaze has NOTHING to do with hee-hee-whoo breathing 🙂

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Baby Care: We know your life is busy, so we have separated our prenatal class from the sections on Baby Care and the Postpartum Period. We recommend you add that on on to learn more about infant soothing, feeding, and how to best transition to parenthood. You can find those classes HERE.

One-Day Class

$150 +HST per family

Topics Covered:

  • Relaxation and breathing
  • Hands-on comfort measures (counter pressure, massage, rebozo, acupressure)
  • Partner preparation
  • Stages of Labour
  • Timing contractions
  • When to call the care provider/go to the hospital
  • Questions to ask when making decisions about care
  • Use of epidurals and other medical pain options
  • What to expect and client options during an induction
  • What to expect and client options during a cesarean

June 12th from 9am – 4pm ONLINE

Private Classes

$60/hr +HST

If you work evenings or have an unpredictable work schedule, our private classes may be better suited to you. In our private classes, you’ll enjoy the advantage of one-on-one time to focus on the topics that are most important to you. During COVID-19 restrictions, our private classes will be conducted via live video class.

Choose from the list of topics below to design your own private class or contact us for recommended topics to fit your budget.

Pain coping and labour support (3 hrs)
Stages of labour (1hr)
Compassionate use of epidurals (1hr)
Birth fears (1hr)
Meaningful cesarean birth (1hr)
Baby care (1hr)
Feeding baby (1hr)

Cancellation/Refund Policy – 30 days notice is required to receive a refund if the need for you to cancel your participation in class arises. No refunds will be issued after this date.