Childbirth Classes

As new parents, you may not know what information childbirth classes should cover. You likely have questions as you try to be fully prepared for birth and postpartum. Partners may want to help during the birth and afterward, but may not know what they could actually do as support.


Prenatal Childbirth Classes & Baby Care

You want to feel knowledgeable, calm and confident but after reading all of the books and hearing all the stories, you still don’t feel prepared.

Preparation is more than just reading information about stages of labour and procedures.

How you feel about birth will significantly influence the way you experience labour contractions. This can impact whether or not you identify yourself as being “strong” or “weak,” “scared” or “managing,” “resourceful” or “helpless.”

Our childbirth classes balance practical information with emotional preparation. This helps ensure that you are prepared for both the decision-making moments of labour. We want you to feel confident about the incredible emotional experience it is to give birth, watch birth and live with a new baby.

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Prenatal Childbirth Classes

These dynamic and interactive childbirth classes give parents the opportunity to try out coping practices that they can use for any way of birthing.

Partner preparation is solidly incorporated into class as we value the unique challenge it is to watch a loved one give birth.

Class content is non-outcome focused. Meaning that all participants will learn what to expect from and coping practices for all ways of birthing, without judgment.

If you’ve never had a baby before…our additional Baby Care class will round out this information and help you better understand newborn care and behaviour, postpartum recovery, and chest/breastfeeding.

Baby Care & Infant CPR

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For most parents, the first time they hold a baby is when they’re holding their own. In these childbirth classes, you’ll learn practical hints and tips about caring for your child and creating a safe environment for them.


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