What is a birth checklist?

When working with clients we always recommend having a checklist for the day of birth. It’s going to be an exciting and emotional time, so having things planned ahead of time can make the whole process run smoother. Whether you’re having a homebirth, heading to a hospital, or a birthing center, listing out the items on hand can be beneficial. This includes items like extra pillows, lip balm, pen and paper, magazines, and a whole lot more. Our list is a single page where you can check off items you’ll want to have available. We suggest printing it off and having a hard copy available. Also make sure to share with your support team so they are in the loop.

When to pack your bag?

As you get closer to your due date you’ll want to start preparing the items and packing a bag. In general we recommend getting the items organized around the 36th or 37th week of your pregnancy. This way you’ll be prepared in case your little one arrives a bit early


“This checklist has been super helpful for my doula clients! Having a starting point for people really helps get things organized and ensure they have all the necessary items available. I’ve been printing off a copy and keeping it in my doula bag the last few years. Couldn’t recommend it enough to anyone on their birth journey!”

Jennifer Rogers – Doula and Childbirth Educator

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