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You're pregnant or your partner is pregnant. You want to have a healthy labour AND you want to feel good about your experience. You want to make the right decisions for YOU but you don't know what questions to ask. You want to trust your gut yet be well informed about what to expect from something you've never done before...wouldn't it be nice if labour came with a guide?

Oh wait...it does!

What each parent needs to feel confident about their birth experience is different so we personalize our Birthing From Within prenatal classes, birth doula care,postpartum doula care and baby care classesto help you discover what feels right for YOU and your family.

You are in caring hands...

Amanda SpakowskiI am Amanda Spakowski, founder of The Nesting Place and one of our birth doulas and prenatal instructors. I think childbirth is a transformative life event that can influence how you feel about yourself for years after your delivery. I want parents to feel more confident, less scared, more connected and less isolated in birth and their immediate postpartum.

So, I started The Nesting Place to offer parents prenatal classes and doula care that authentically supports their own birth preferences.

At The Nesting Place, we believe that what makes YOU feel supported will have the biggest impact on how you remember your birth or parenting experience. Our job is to give you that support.


You'll feel 'at home' in our care if:

  • You want someone to call in the middle of the night for "stupid questions"
  • You're scared of pain in labour and want someone there the whole time to walk you step-by-step through the process
  • You want someone to assist you in asking questions of your medical team and translate 'medical speak' into something you can understand
  • You want your partner(s) to feel comfortable, reassured, well-fed and supported
  • You recognize that a healthy parent and healthy baby is not the whole story. Your feelings about what is happening to you are important and you want someone to care about your emotional experience too.

We believe that support is not a luxury.

Giving birth is an incredibly meaningful time in your life. Whether or not you are the parent carrying your baby, the way you feel in your birth experience is important. We start in pregnancy to build your familiarity with what to expect from birth and babies and walk you right through to your first few weeks of parenthood by offering:

Sound about right for what you're looking for? Let us expand your circle of support, take a peek at our coping-focused prenatal classes, explore our detailed baby care sessions or meet us for tea and an interview before you book your services.




Upcoming Events:

Oct 5 week prenatal class (On Sale!)

Prenatal Class Mini Series

Baby Care and Infant CPR - Nov 7

Infant, Toddler and Maternity Clothing AND BOOK Swap - Nov 29th

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